FrüJüs has grown to become a recognised quality brand in the juice market.
The company has seen exponential growth and today offers 5 regular flavours across South Africa through many retail outlets and distributors.
With the Head office in Edenvale, FrüJüs is expanding across South Africa.
Our exports have increased globally through many international trade shows and word of mouth referals.

We use the best fruit harvested from the lush farms of the Western Cape and the tropical North East for the production of our finest juices. We guarantee the same rewarding taste experience with every sip.

FrüJüs is produced in an ISO certified plant to international standards using the latest Tetra Pak technology which allows 12-month shelf life without the need for refrigeration or any added preservatives.

Our busy lifestyle does not allow us the time to squeeze and blend our daily breakfast berverage but FrüJüs offers the next best quick alternative to producing your home-made juice without loss of healthy nutrients. This healthy option is the closest to squeezing your own juice.